"Variation" (Blog #97)

If you're a gym rat and love weight training as much as we do at No Bull, then you understand the importance of switching things up sometimes to avoid those dreaded plateaus. The normal body building style workouts work, it may be boring doing 4 sets of 12 reps on the bench press, but if your goal is to look better naked, its effective. Body part/ spot training muscle groups has been going on for years and its been proven to work well, but new studies are showing us that full body workouts may be more beneficial to put on muscle and burn fat; and they may also decrease the risk of overuse injuries.

If you're training hard, training consistently and training smart, you will see good results (assuming the diet is on-point). After some time though, the same reps, sets, exercises, rest periods and exercise selection must change. The basics will always work, but it's important to make small variations as your training age increases.

Here are a few cool ways to stick with the basic lifts but add a little variation to them:

We will go over four different variations: Super Sets / Pre-Exhaust Sets / Compound Sets / Complex Sets

The first is a Super Set / This is when you do two different exercises that are the opposite of each other. Agonist = Primary Mover / Antagonist = Decelerator / A Chin Up to a Military Press or a Bicep Curl to a Tricep Press or a Leg Curl to a Leg Extension

This way of training is time efficient, fun and effective...

The next training variation is a Compound Set / This is when you perform two separate exercise but they are for the same muscle groups / Pull Up to Sweeps or Leg Press to Leg Extension or Push up to Cable Fly. This can be great if you're looking for a hypertrophy effect...

The next training variation is a Pre-Exhaust Set / This is when you "exhaust" the synergist (helper) muscle before you do your bigger lift / Curls to Pull Ups or Skull Crushers to Push Ups or Leg Curl to Dead Lifts / This is a brutal way to switch things up and is very humbling.

The last training variation is a Complex Set / This is when you do a Heavy Stable Lift followed by an explosive or Plyometric movement / This is not for your average Joe / Back Squat to Jump Squat / Bench Press to Plyo Push up or Pull Up to Med Ball Slams / You'll see powerful athletes do these types of sets a lot...

Use these variations and make your training Fun, Safe and Effective!!

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