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"Perspective" (Blog #98)

March 1, 2016



            As far back as 100,000 years ago there is hard evidence that Neanderthals hunted and scavenged animals.  Arrows made of stone have been found embedded deep into the vertebra of large animals (rhinos/bear/bison/deer/etc).  After the hunt & kill they drug these large animals back to their caves and began to dismember the animal.  They would use the entire animal for pretty much everything you can think of; they’d use the meat for fuel, the bones for weapons, the hides for clothing and shelter.  The amount of work they had to put into finding food for survival was a 24 hour/ 7 day a week job or they would die. 


            The average height and weight for males was 5’7 – 140 pounds but their bone structure shows that they were basically big balls of muscle.  And all the muscle needed lots of calories to perform the daily tasks of everyday life; making fire, hunting, tool making, scavenging and defending themselves from predators.  Thinking of all the time and effort our ancestors went through to simply make it from one day to another is outright astonishing.


            Fast forward to 2016 – Modern mans idea of prepping food is a phone call to Dominos.  Even when a lot of people cook its microwaved, bagged, canned or pre-made somehow.  Very few of us actually put the proper work into our fuel consumption.  Not having enough time to cook is the #1 excuse that’s given by people when asked why their diets are so poor.  Usually you will hear about those same people spending countless hours in front of an electronic box that dumbs down their thinking capability, I think its called a Television. 


            The convenience of “fast food” needs to be looked at as a negative part of our society, not a great way to get 3,000 processed calories.  If your food is packaged and wrapped up ready to eat it’s probably not good for you.  Don’t be fooled into thinking quicker & cheaper is better.  You know what insurance premiums cost for unhealthy people?!  Spend time in the kitchen cooking and prepping meals that you can bring with you throughout the day.  Avoid ALL types of quick fixes!  That goes with every aspect of life:  Your fuel should be made at home and full of nutrients not just calories – Your workouts should follow the same rules, they should be taken very seriously and be supervised by qualified coaches.


            Next time you want to run through the Wendy’s drive through I want you to take 5 minutes and think about how pathetic and lazy that makes us as humans.  Our minds and bodies are the most sophisticated machines in the universe; treat them accordingly.  Now believe me, I understand there are certain days that can just be a shit storm, especially when you have a full time job and kiddies running around, but there are ways to make it happen, so make it happen.  You children will follow your footsteps, are you leaving them a good path?! 



“Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”

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