"I cut out all Sugar in my Diet" (Blog #99)

While on vacation last year in Gettysburg, Pa with my best friend, I overheard a couple talking about how they eliminated all sugar from their diets. As we all ate breakfast I continued to eavesdrop on their conversation and they were explaining to each other that the breakfast potatoes they were eating had no sugar in them. They also went on to say that they were cutting out all fruit because the sugar (fructose) in the fruit is going to make them gain weight. I wasn't really surprised to hear this conversation because most people are really confused when it comes to what to eat and what not to eat.

Virtually all foods in moderation can be ok, a little treat once in a while will do little to no harm to us. However, if your daily fuel intake consists of junk food and processed crap, chances are you will gain fat mass. The thing that really stuck out with me with that couple in Gettysburg and the dozens of emails I get weekly asking me about nutrition, is how little people really know about what's in the foods we eat. An email yesterday from a client had her confused on how rice turns into sugar. She thought rice, pasta, waffles, bagels and anything doughy wasn't sugar...But it is!

That rice we eat breakdown to Glucose (Sugar), and the body releases insulin from the pancreas to allow that sugar entry into our cells to be used as energy. Some of the broken down rice goes into our cells for immediate energy, some of that sugar gets stored in our liver and muscles as Glycogen (a stored from of glucose), and some of that broken down rice will be turned into Fat (if too much is consumed). And trust me, America consumes too much! A simple trip to Olive Garden proves this: You sit down and eat the salad, then some breadsticks, then an appetizer, then your 16 serving size bowl of Pasta (a slight exaggeration), then possibly a dessert. That meal you just consumed was well over 3,000 calories and all that excess "dough" will be eventually stored to FAT MASS!

* Sugar/Carbs are NOT the enemy / Fat is NOT the enemy / Protein is NOT the enemy

I repeat:

* Sugar/Carbs are NOT the enemy / Fat is NOT the enemy / Protein is NOT the enemy

These are simply different types of fuels that are body needs to thrive. How much, when, how often, and the quality of these foods will determine our overall health. But none of them are bad if used properly! The foods you eat simply get broken down to be used as fuel and the body will extract all the nutrients out of these foods before it excretes them out. Food is Fuel / Good Fuel = Positive Outcome / Bad Fuel = Negative Outcome.

Yes, cutting back on the doughy stuff and increasing fat and protein will make you leaner. But this doesn't mean fruit is bad for you, and this doesn't mean rice will make you fat. You just have to eat a little less and move a little more. At the simplest level, your weight is a balance of fuel intake vs how much you burn (move) throughout the day. Limiting the processed foods that are packed with extra salt and sugar is a smart move, but cutting out ALL Sugars (like sweet potatoes, fruit, and oatmeal) can be detrimental to your energy levels.

Keep it simple and eat colorful, fresh foods, and drink lots of water / Limit your junk intake to a couple cheats a week and train 5+ days a week / This will ensure you move, look and feel great!

Obviously we are all slightly different, some of you may respond better to a low/no sugar intake diet, and others needs a little more. You have to see what works best for YOU!

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