"The Importance of Grinding" (Blog #101)

The other day I read an article from a strength coach that was complaining about the use of the word grinding. He was basically calling out other coaches saying that if you're "grinding" than you must not love what you do, and you're not being an effective gym owner/coach. I happily disagreed and let him know my thoughts on the subject, and we actually went on to have a nice long email conversation about the topic.

Grinding or working hard, in no way represents something negative, yet so many people take it that way. If you want to lose weight, you need to grind. If you want to have a successful business, you need to grind. These days everyone has the answer to a magic weight loss pill, or the secret to make you rich with little to no work. What ever happened to you just out working your competition, and Grinding?!

There's something quite magical about setting a goal in your head (whatever it may be), making a plan of attack, and doing whatever it takes for however long it takes to reach that goal (grinding). The reward is much greater at the end when you succeed and chances are, because of the amount of passion, sweat, blood and tears that you put in, the quality of your final product will be much greater.

My first day out of training school I was hired in New Jersey to work double shifts from 5am until 11am, then again 4pm to 8pm. I drove to Jersey from Philly five days a week for almost two years. Between my shifts I would eat, train myself, write programs, and sleep in my car waiting for my next shift to start. After I was done my night shift I had a job as a Bouncer at an after-hours night club in Philly where I would work from midnight to 4am dealing with quite a "rambunctious" crowd. On the slow nights, I would actually study my anatomy books at the club because I wanted to keep getting better.

After those two brutal, but very helpful years I decided to try and go out on my own. I rented a small space out of Worlds Gym in Philly and began my No Bull Training journey. I would get up and train a client or two at 5am and wouldn't have another until 9am. After my busy morning shift I would go to stores and pass out business cards that I barley had enough money to make and offer everyone I knew a training session. I made a website, I got on social media (which was kind of new at the time), I would go to staples and print out flyers and put them all over cars in the neighborhood. Then my night shift would begin, where I would train another two or three clients, and I would repeat that seven days a week. I was grinding every single day....

Slowly three clients turned to seven, and seven clients turned to twenty, and so on. The daily grinding continued and still continues to this day. A business owners job is 24/7, you are the owner but you need to be inside your business dealing with everything from changing toilet paper rolls, to taking the trash out, to vacuuming and even bringing in the cases of water weekly. It's a daily grind and it's amazing! You have the ability to go the extra mile and put the extra effort in for your clients to ensure that they always have a great experience at your place of business. You show up early to set up a great program for everyone, you make sure the gym is clean, you make sure the music is on point, make sure the temperature of the gym is decent, you make sure there are bandaids, tums, ibuprofen, hair ties and sugar pills. Details, details, details....

There will come a point when you may want to get a little complacent because you either hit your goal or you're starting to make some money, but don't allow this. Early in my career, I had my electricity shut off a few times because I just couldn't afford to pay it. That didn't make me quit, it made me grind harder. Being complacent and quitting the daily grind will be disastrous to your business and/or put your previously reached goals in jeopardy. I've had dozens of clients drop significant weight, get into the best shape of their lives, and a year later (after being complacent) put back on all of their weight, plus more! There is always another level or another step to take to get better or more efficient, never stop working hard and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Grinding is a good thing! Work smart, but work hard, and as long as you have a goal and the right amount of grinding, you will succeed...It's that simple!

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