"Don't Get Too Comfortable" (Blog #103)

After a long conversation with a friend from the gym, I realized that I lift weights on average, five days a week. Thats twenty times a month, thats two-hundred and forty times a year, and over two thousand training sessions in a decade. Thats a lot of weight training! With that kind of volume, it isn't very difficult to "get too comfortable" with the exercises, weights, sets, reps and rest periods that I choose. Getting too far into a routine will lead you into a rut, and ruts are easy to dig yourself into, but extremely difficult to get yourself out of.

Sometimes the simplest thing can jumpstart you again, whether it be something as easy as keeping a food journal because your weight is staring to creep up too high, or adding a little bit of intensity (weight) to your Rows, Squats, Bench Press or Dead Lift once in a while. Routines are good, but they can be detrimental over time if you don't keep yourself in check.

If you're a weight lifter and you hate running (like I do), go for a run. If you're a runner and hate weight lifting, get on a lifting program! Getting out of your comfort zone is not only going to keep you physically stronger, but mentally if will allow you to avoid those ruts. We're all one good meal or one good workout or one good nights sleep away from a great month. Breakdown your training, eating and sleeping into Meso-Cycles (1-3 Month Increments).

Meso-Cycles are a great way to look at the bigger picture from our daily routines. Grab one of those oversized calendars and make a mark for everyday you hit the gym. Also, make a mark for everyday you slept well the night before, and make a mark for everyday that you ate a home cooked meal. Over the month, looking at that calendar will really open your eyes to all the good you're doing, but more importantly, all the bad!

We all need wake up calls when it comes to our health and fitness. You need to know where you're at physically with your strength, weight and body fat. Many people avoid this because they just can't handle the truth. Being a gym owner gives me the burden of talking to people (who don't train), telling me how strong they are, or how fast they are, or how much they used to bench. I guess that's meant to impress me, but it does the exact opposite! What someone did ten years ago has nothing to do with where they are currently. These people have lost touch with reality because they know deep down they "lost it" and fell way off track.

Don't fall off track too far, a slight speed bump is normal and actually warranted sometimes. But starting tonight, I want you all to do everything you're currently doing, (assuming you train, eat and sleep pretty well) even better. Give your nutrition more thought and planning, get your ass to the gym an extra day per week, turn your phones off and go to bed an hour earlier, and go to the store and grab yourself a calendar to track your progress.

Don't get too comfortable...

Do things that scare you...

Have Fun...

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