"5 Fun Challenges" (Blog #107)

With the summer fast approaching and the thought of hitting up pools and beaches, many people are starting to step up their nutrition and training game a bit. After all, the simple fact that summer means less clothing is usually motivation enough for most of us to get our asses in gear. Being a gym owner and having the pleasure to train so many animals, I am lucky enough to lift with people who aren't afraid to push. A few times a week we do some training workouts that are pretty brutal, but that are really fun. It's always good to challenge yourself in the gym, it's what keeps things interesting so you don't quit and it allows for constant progress (or at least maintenance).

Some of these workout below may have to modified for each person to some extent, but we keep the training very simple and it's very effective. These challenges are not for everyone, I'm assuming you move well enough to handle the risks of these types of workouts.

Warning: Try these workouts at our own risk!!

Workout #1: Complete 100 Chin Ups....Period! Use a band, kip a little or use good old fashioned body weight strength / But Complete 100 Chin Ups / Set a clock and see how long it takes you / Keep the form as tight as possible (although, it will get a little shaky about halfway through) Rest as much as you need.

Workout #2: Flip the Tire around the building...Assuming you hinge well / Take our Small or Big Tire and Flip it around the entire building / Set a clock and see how long it takes you / Good luck with the next days soreness

Workout #3: 300 Challenge...Grab a Kettle Bell (Men: 80/90/100 / Women: 40/50/60) Do 10 Swings / 10 Push Ups / 10 Horizontal Pull Ups (use TRX Straps or a Barbell set up in a Squat Rack) Repeat 10 Rounds / Do this with perfect form as quickly as you can.

Workout #4: Barbell Over Head Press and Sled Push...Load up a Barbell (Men: 95 / Ladies 65) Complete 15 Over Head Presses and Complete a 25 Yard Sled Push with 2 x your bodyweight (If you weigh 150, your sled needs to be 300 pounds) Our Sled at No Bull is 150 Pounds with no plates on it. Set a clock for 30 Minutes and see how many Rounds you can get. Again, we are looking for perfect reps / So rest between the sled and press may be necessary.

Workout #5: 25 Reps...In this Challenge, the goal is to do 25 Reps of Hex Bar Dead Lifts (Men 135-185 / Women 95-135), 25 Reps of Push Ups and 25 Reps of Med Ball Slams (Men 40lb Ball / Women 20lb Ball) Repeat 4 to 6 Rounds.

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