"Why Teammates Make You More Successful" (Blog #108)

When it comes to your health and fitness it's a huge plus to have like minded people in your corner. Most of us have similar goals, we want to be stronger, leaner, faster and we want to have more confidence to do things outside of our comfort zones. A decade ago I noticed that one on one training was fading and that semi-private and group training was where the industry was heading. There are two main reasons why this type of training is so successful for the clients; the clients pay a lower rate than if they were to do a one on one session with a trainer. This immediately increases the amount of people that will hop on board. Secondly, you have Teammates! Teammates that will motivate you, push you and keep you accountable. So instead of having just the trainer barking at you to stay on track, you have a gym full of motivated humans on your side.

The success rate of clients that jump all in and really commit to everything their gym has to offer (classes, personals, hikes, mud runs, charity events, etc) skyrockets. A great gym will promote a healthy lifestyle to you even outside of the gym. The couple of hours training at your gym are amazing for your mind and body, but it shouldn't stop there. I want my Team to get together and do mud runs, 5k's, 10k's, go on long hikes, go bike riding and even go out to eat together. Building strong bonds with your teammates will make everyone better.

I want you to honestly ask yourself: Are you 100% committed? Are you doing everything you need to be doing to get better? Are there areas that you can improve upon? Are you a great Teammate? Do you need to get to the gym more often? Is you fuel up to par? Are you holding yourself accountable? Are you holding your teammates accountable?

Progress is all about Micro-Progression...Slow and Steady!

It's important that you give your teammates a little push when you know they need it. This will not only be good for them, but it will make you perform better as well. A simple message on social media, or a text, or a call to give them that little motivation that we all need once in a while can go a long way...

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