"What Successful People Have In Common" (Blog #110)

Over the past few years I've picked up the habit of reading books written by successful businessmen. Successful entrepreneurs have three major daily habits that make them successful. The first, is that they wake up early! They are up getting things done before the rest of us, this gives them a huge advantage considering we all have the same amount of hours in a day, and they take full advantage of the twenty-four hours.

The second habit they all have in common is, they multi-task better than the rest of us. Whether you are running a fortune five-hundred company, or waking up early to train for your upcoming 5k race, multi-tasking and killing many birds with one stone will give you a slight edge on the competition. Even things as simple as planning out your mornings training and combining it with getting gas, while on your way to the food store, then going home to meal prep, all before you have to go to work. Having a plan and doing multiple jobs in one shot makes you more efficient and more effective.

The third and final habit that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is, they work harder than everyone else. Besides waking up earlier and multitasking all day, they are doing whatever it takes to get the job done. They have the ability to have laser focus on each and every task that is in front of them. They possess the skill of setting goals and the ability to see the steps necessary to successfully attain those goals. To add on to their amazing ability to get things done no matter what it takes, they also can take a step back and look at the bigger picture. They can see where the road their on will lead them in a month, six months, or five years down the line. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and work their asses off.

I will leave you with this short story from a book I recently read (twice, because I loved it so much). The famous chef and TV personality, Gordon Ramsay worked in France for a couple of years under a world famous chef. Nightly, Gordon was stuck with the task of taking the trash out. This was a brutal job because this restaurant was so busy that there was up to forty bags of trash to take out every night. Gordon went on to say how much he hated taking the trash out and that it actually made him want to quit. He hung in there for a couple of years and after he felt he was good enough, he went out and opened up his own restaurant in his hometown. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the young chef quickly realized that he was out of his league running a business. He didn't plan it out well enough and he was trying to run before he walked.

He really knew the business was in trouble when he was only taking out a bag or two of trash each night...

Soon after he closed up shop, he went back to the drawling board, and now he has successful restaurants all over the world. This time he had a better game plan, he woke up earlier, starting multitasking better, and he knew where he wanted to be in five years. He knew if he wanted to be successful he had to work hard and take out lots of trash!

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