"What If I Told You" (Blog #111)

Flip through any TV channel, scroll through any website or talk to almost any trainer and you will hear a ton of No's when it comes to what you can't do or what you can't have. But what if I told you that there is a way to eat the things you love and still be healthy?! What if I told you YES!?

Did you know that you can eat white rice and still lose body fat? People think white rice is the devil and somehow brown rice is a Saint. This just isn't the truth! The main difference between brown and white rice is the speed at which the body breaks it down, but the calories are exactly the same. Why would I tell a client they can't ever eat white rice again, but that they can have brown rice, if we both know that they don't like brown rice and won't eat it? A little white rice a few days a week is perfectly fine, some of leanest people on the planet eat white rice DAILY and stay lean. If you are physically active and eat the proper amount of rice, you won't have any problems leaning up. But what is the proper amount?

The "proper" amount will vary from person to person; but I will say that most people do not eat 1 cup of rice (see pic above). One cup of rice has approximately two hundred calories. Think about how much rice (or pasta) you get when you order a bowl at chipotle or a dish of pasta at Olive Garden. Those dishes are usually four to five servings...That quickly makes your meal well over a thousand calories! And that is why rice (bagels, waffles, pasta, etc) gets a bad rap! Controlling how MUCH you eat is more important than what you eat...

I'm only zeroing in on rice because that's been the topic of discussion lately; but this goes for all foods you like. You all know that if you eat a slice or two of pizza a week and drink water instead of soda, you will be fine. But if you eat five slices, a few wings and a 20oz coke, you're not going to get lean, you're going to get fat. Moderation really is the key to success! How many times have we all sworn off a macronutrient (fat, protein, carbs) to find ourselves miserable and after a week or two, we go back to those foods even harder? Swearing off certain foods is almost a sure fire way to fail in the long run for most of us. Train yourself to eat LESS, but don't punish yourself and create a bad relationship with food because you eat too much of it.

To ensure success and maintain adherence, you have to find a way to eat in the real world. The reality is that when you're down the shore this Summer and your family wants to go eat ice cream, you're going to eat ice cream. But get the SMALL instead of the LARGE and you "got your fix" and you didn't just inhale two-thousand calories of ice cream.

So I say YES...You can eat the things you love and still get lean, as long as you control yourself and the portion sizes. Along with the proper amount of Sleep, the right intensity of Training, the right amount of Water everyday, and a little discipline...You will be successful!

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