"Move With The Times" (Blog #114)

In todays modern world, the internet has completely changed the game. With a single press of a button we can have access to just about anything we can imagine, we can learn about anything that we're curious about, and we can study up on any single thing that sparks our interest. We can also share this info with millions of people within seconds of posting it on youtube, a blog or social media. This is where things can get hairy to say the least.

The problem with so much information coming at us from every direction, is that it's hard to decipher what is true and what is made up. We all know people (too many) that actually get their political, nutritional, financial and dating advice from social media Memes. Rarely do you see someone really research a certain topic to see what's legit, instead of cherry picking what goes along with their beliefs. One of the few men I look up to said it best: "The great thing about Science is that it's right whether you believe it or not". - Neil DeGrass Tyson

Whether we are discussing nutrition, training or what color paint looks best in your living room, there can be more than one right answer. But science is making mind-boggling breakthroughs at a rapid rate. Remember back to when we were kids and we used to here all these crazy stories, like if we keep making weird faces that they will get stuck like that? No one I ever knew had their face stuck; it simply wasn't true, yet we catch ourselves passing along this (mis)Information down to our offspring.

Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about:

Don't sit too close to the TV or you will go blind....FALSE

Looking at the Microwave while it's on will give you cancer....FALSE

If you pee in the Pool, a dye will appear and everyone will know you peed....FALSE

If you swallow your Gum, it will stick to your heart and stay there for seven years....FALSE

Drinking coffee will stunt your growth....FALSE

If you touch a Toad, you'll get warts....FALSE

Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis....FALSE

These are all just simply not true, yet because we heard them as kids many of us pass them along as if they were true.

Not too long ago, many tribes read the entrails of sacrificial animals to decide their fates. Imagine putting a countries future on the line by what a goats sliced open belly read. It's not much different than what so many of us do today. We hear something and run with it, pass it along and preach it to others instead of doing a little bit of research and figuring out what is really factual and what will be next weeks Facebook meme.

Like I stated earlier, sometimes there isn't just one right answer, there are many variables in every situation that can change the outcome drastically. Take training for instance: some people swear by body building programs, and others swear by full body programming. Guess what, they can both be correct! Some people have great success on no-carb diets, and others have great success on moderate to high carb diets...They both can be right depending on many factors. But understanding what carbohydrates do in your body and how they can effect your body fat percentage is vital to understanding how and what you should be eating. But don't decide things of this magnitude on 18th century science...

The world can become a dangerous place when people follow others blindly. I actually LOVE when my No Bull Team questions my training methods and my nutritional advice. It shows me that they're thinking and that they really want to get better. It's not only ok to question everything, but it should be mandatory. Growing up as a kid, my best friends would (and still do) call me "Contro". This was short for controversy, because I would always question everything. I try and look at things from many different angles and read between the lines, I'm pretty sure this is why I was extremely good at my Bouncing/Door Man job for so many years. By looking into things with laser focus, I could quickly read through shadiness and bullshit.

I want you all to not only read deeper into things and seek out the truth, but I want you all to take a good hard look at yourselves. Step back and really focus on how you eat, how you sleep, how hard you train, and how you are as a person. Do you have good character? Do you always do the right thing, even if it's the hard thing? But without 100% honesty, you will be left with nothing! After taking that long hard look at yourself, make the necessary changes using the most up to date research. You won't be sorry!

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