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Spartan Races / Team: No Bull Training

July 21, 2016



Hey guys, 


Since so many No Bullers love the Spartan Races now, and many more are going to follow, I've decided to make a page with all the upcoming races that we will be doing as a Team.  This page will have the dates, times, discount codes and pretty much anything else you will need to know when signing up for a race.  If I forget anything, please feel free to let me know and I will add it on.  


*  Signing Up:  Go to Spartan.com / Find Race / And follow the Steps 


*  Times:  We always run "Morning" & "Open" time slots 


*  Groupons:  do not work if you're trying to join team No Bull / The Groupons makes you run afternoon times


*  Discount Code:  CSTEAM8242 


*  Team Name:  No Bull Training  OR  nobulltraining@gmail.com


*  Team Captain:  Karl Safran


*  Camel/Hydration Packs:  are always a good idea unless you are Elite / Yes, they can be a little uncomfortable, but it's better than being dehydrated and having low blood sugar /Many of us fill ours with Gatorade or Coconut Water and refill it with water during the race at water stations.  


*  Snacks:  Everyone is different but bringing snacks on a mountain is a good idea / Mustard packets "may" help prevent cramping / Gu Gels give you a nice shot of sugar and they're light and take up little to no space / I personally like a Snickers Bar on the Mountain :)  / On longer races, like the Beasts, some of us like PB & J's....


*  Shoes:  Personally, I think Solomons are top notch / On a mountain, an all terrain shoe really helps / But everyones foot is different / Use what works best for you.  





Our Next Race:  October 22nd / Vernon, NJ / Super 


Our Next Race:  March 4th / Upstate, NY / Sprint


Our Next Race:  April (?) / Vernon, NJ / Beast 


Orr Next Race:  May 20th / Ohio / Beast 





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