"A Cosmic Second" (Blog #118)

We live in a galaxy that we will never leave in this life time… (although, I hope that I’m wrong). If we travel at the speed of light (186,000 MPS), we would leave the Milky Way in (wait for it…) 100,000 years! And remember that there are BILLIONS of galaxies out there. Yes, that’s billions, with a B. It would take a human 31 years just to count to a billion!

In each galaxy, there are millions upon millions of stars and planets similar to our own. We (the Earth) were “lucky” enough to be located in a “Goldie Locks Zone”. This is an area in space that allows us to be close enough to the “mother star” (sun), but not so close that we are scorched by it – like Mercury and Venus are. Statistically, we shouldn’t even be here, as the odds stacked against human existence seem almost insurmountable. Yet, here we are.

Now that we have a little perspective on existence, we can move on to the point. The life that we are given—even if it’s just for a cosmic second—is more than a gift. So, when I hear people complaining about their AC not working or that they can’t find that one pair of shoes in their size, it baffles me. Like, it literally leaves me scratching my head. We have the greatest gift of them all—life—and yet, so many of us let is waste away. We know that we have limited time on Earth and it seems that we try to speed up the process by shortening our lives by smoking, being obese, being sedentary, and by not taking full advantage of our given time.

All that this means is that we should really take a hard look at ourselves, our priorities, who we choose to spend our time with and where we spend most of our time. What I am saying is, do what makes you happy. Stop worrying about people who might not like your ideas or lifestyle. Life is mean to be lived—spend it doing instead of wishing you did.

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