"It's Your Duty As A TeamMate..." (Blog #119)

When I was fifteen years old I played in a very competitive baseball league with a very strict coach. He expected nothing less than maximum effort at all times. Even at practice you were expected to run to and from the dugout, to get water, and even to go to the bathroom. He loved Hustle; but what he loved more, was team work. At no point were we ever allowed to do things alone, we were a team.

I clearly remember at one particular practice, one of our teammates showed up twenty minutes late, not only was the player "punished" with suicides, but the entire team was punished as well. The coach felt that the team that wins together, will lose together, and be punished together! After about twenty-five suicides, no player was ever late again that season.

That mind set, that TEAM mindset made everyone better; it added just a little bit of "good pressure" for each player not to let the team down. We all need a push from an outside source, preferably more than one person. This entire concept was what I built my gym around. Having a team that supports you, pushes you and doesn't judge you is vital for success.

As a team member of No Bull Training I consider it your duty to be a great team player. I expect you to push your fellow teammates, I expect you to talk to them and always show them one hundred percent respect at all times. I expect you to text, call or send them a message on Facebook when you don't see them for a week or so. I expect you to ask them to join you at our charity hikes and mud runs. I expect you all to be great teammates.

You guys would be shocked at how far a single kind gesture can go with someone who's struggling. A simple "Hey, How are you feeling?" before a class starts or via message to a teammate can lead to so many great things. It can open up to a lifelong friendship, a date or even a wedding (a few of our No Bullers have met here and are now married or getting married) - The least it will do is allow that person to begin building trust with you and allow them to open up to you. Communicating with your teammates brings us closer as a team, it builds a stronger bond, and it makes everyone better.

Lets face it, we all struggle with consistency and motivation, the most motivated person on earth falls off sometimes. If we all stick together and throw out a simple "Hey, where you been?" text to a missing teammate, we'd all be better off. Sometimes that's all it takes for someone to get their "mojo" back. It's so easy to fall off the wagon and go back to that sedentary lifestyle; instead of allowing your teammates to self-destruct, why not call them and ask them to take a hike at one of the dozens of parks around us, or ask them to be your partner at that nights Group Class?!

It's so easy to reach out to a No Buller in need...One day that No Buller in need may be You!

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