"Client Homework" (Blog #122)

Ok, so you're coming to the gym pretty regularly, your nutrition has some holes in it, but overall you're eating pretty well, and now you're looking to improve your strength and to get better in certain areas. Sound familiar? This is a great "problem" to have! Every single person I know lacks in something or somewhere in the gym, and you're no different! Many men lack the ability to squat and dead lift property due to tightness, because stretching to them is a foreign word. A lot of females lack the upper body strength to do a proper push up or pull up because of either a fear of lifting heavier weights to get stronger, or a mass issue. But the good news is that there's hope for us all...

Routines can be good and they can be bad; they give us structure and the ability to see improvement. However, they can also leave us stale, bored and stagnant. It's important to make small changes to your routines to avoid these problems. First, is the ability to spot the issue - Example: You can't do a proper Goblet Squat. Secondly, putting in the time and effort to fix the issue. Here's where your homework comes in to play...

I want all of Team No Bull to identify there three biggest issues, whether it be nutritional (weight problem), a strength issue, or a mobility/flexibility issue and FIX IT! That means you may have to come to class a little early or stay afterwards and address your pull up problem by doing a few extra sets of pull ups. Here's a great way to get that going: "Eccentric Drops"

After a few weeks and/or months of these, your chin ups will start to look like this: "Loaded Chin Ups"

Another issue you may be having is a proper Squat, particularly Goblet Squats / If so, give this a shot:

Again, identify your problem and address them. Another issue many of us humans have is that we're tight and we lack proper mobility and flexibility. If that's the case, foam rolling daily prior to stretching and movement prep will help tremendously. Foam rolling simply releases "knots" and is shown to release tight fascia (fascia surrounds your muscles). It also feels good and is amazing for stress relief. Add in a golf ball to the bottom of your feet and you'll be moving better quickly:

Above, Im rolling my Glutes, Adductors, Quads and Back...You can roll everything, but these are usually the trouble spots.

On top of rolling and stretching, mini band movement prep is also a great way to "turn the lights on" to all those small synergistic muscles.

After a lot of "home work", you will slowly rid your body of weaknesses and flaws.

* Identify Your three Main issues

* Figure out a plan of Attack (My self and all of the No Bull trainers will be more than happy to help)

* Do your Home Work Daily (before training/classes, after, on days off, etc)

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