"Why A Pair Of Jeans Can Keep You In Check" (Blog #126)

Every year when the seasons change, and the weather gets colder, people tend to gain body fat. Not just a couple of pounds either, many Americans pack on ten to fifteen extra pounds every winter. The reasons are pretty simple, we are less active during the winter months, we over-eat during the holidays, and colder months can bring on depression because of shorter days and less sun exposure. To fix a problem you must first identify the issues. Now that we have pinpointed a few of the issues, it's time to fix them.

The most important thing you have to do first is go get a pair of jeans and make sure you wear them weekly. Even get them a size smaller to give you some extra motivation. Don't wear leggings and stretch pants all season or you will gain fat and you wont even "know it". Although we all know when we're getting fatter, we just don't want to face the reality of it. Jeans make you feel sexy and they make you feel good about yourself, leggings and sweat pants just sweep our dirty little secrets under the carpet to be worked out later...Maybe when it's too late!

So now I want you to throw out all of your sweatpants, leggings and tights and only wear jeans. Ok, don't throw them out, but make sure you're wearing jeans every single week. If those jeans start to get tight one week, put a little more energy into your nutrition and more energy into the gym. Jeans are the great equalizer, if you buy a nice pair of jeans that fit you well, but a month later they're tight, it's time to make some small tweaks with your lifestyle; if you can stay on top of your weight (nutrition & training) all winter long, the jeans will fit you the same way come spring...They might even be too big on you.

Don't be afraid to keep yourself accountable, if you don't do it, no one else will! And I'm not just talking to the ladies, the fellas should be heeding this advice as well. Sitting around eating wings, drinking beer and watching football all winter in a pair of baggy sweatpants is a great way to get fat and shorten your life. So even the fellas need to go get a pair of jeans and ensure that we go into 2017 looking and feeling our best!

My final thought: When you're eating pretty clean, sleeping well, drinking water everyday, and training your ass off, you feel great about yourself. That feeling is passed onto your children, friends, family and significant other. Having confidence and feeling great makes you want to go out in a nice outfit and go dancing with your wife or husband, it makes you want to go outside and play with your kids, it makes you want to cook a healthy meal for your family. Feeling great and being confident makes you a better you and that makes everyone around you better.

It's not a selfish act to put yourself and your health first...

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