"Why You Need To Lift Weights...Harder" (Blog #128)

Today's blog will be short, sweet and to the point! Simply stated, lifting weights is a physical activity that makes you a better you if done correctly. There's usually three categories of lifters: The first, is the person who lifts the same weight, the same reps, on the same days and uses the same intensities. This person is pretty good at the lifts they perform, but they soon fall into a stagnant state where they can't seem to get better, and actually start to regress. The second type of lifter is the "I go too heavy" lifter. This person uses too much weight on lifts to boost their ego, but they forget to use full range of motion and lack control. This lifter training career is usually full of nagging injuries. Lastly, there's the "proper weight lifter". This person understands the mind-body connection, and they lift weights the right way, with the right weight, and they aren't afraid to expose their weaknesses. This lifter changes things up when it comes to their exercise choices, their reps, sets and intensities. This lifter understands that weight training is meant to make them move, look and feel great, nothing else...Be this lifter!

Too many people are afraid to lift weights, or I should say they're afraid to lift heavy weights. The whole point of training is to strengthen your ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. When you're strong, you're much less prone to injury and you make your body bullet proof. If you follow the proper progressions, and work your way up the weight lifting ladder, you will be strong, healthy and feel great! I always remind my clients that when they're lifting and they start to get that burn in the muscles (hydrogen ion increase), to keep going - That's when all the magic happens! Well, that burning is what allows all the magic to happen later after your session is over and your body starts to repair and rebuild itself. Dealing with that burn or the pump during lifting is what really changes your body composition. I bet there are many lifters out there that never have actually felt that REAL burn in their muscles, because when they start to feel that "pain", they stop. You can fake it in the weight room, but you're only hurting yourself. Avoid just going through the motions and really focus on pushing your body properly.

Arnold use to always say that he didn't start counting reps until the burn had already kicked in...

Here are just a few benefits of Weight Training:

You lose Fat off of your body

You gain lean muscle mass (muscle is more dense than fat and takes up less space = you get smaller)

You become bullet-proof (when you fall this winter, you'll bounce right back up with no broken bones)

You gain confidence

You become more attractive to potential mates

You have more energy

You look better naked

You add years to your life

You become a better human....

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