"Treat Negativity Like A Poison" (Blog #129)

Have you ever been around a chronic complainer? Are you, yourself a chronic complainer? If so, keep reading because this blog is for you. Social media is great in so many ways, however, it has also opened the flood gates to millions of whiney ass humans. The daily rants and complaints from people over things so meaningless are actually comical. Some people just love to bitch, moan and complain about anything and everything. These are the types of people that you must stay away from, these people are spewing a poison at you, and that poison is negativity. Negativity is a killer on so many levels, it will slowly grind at your will to succeed and be a motivated person. Negative people want you to be miserable and negative like them, and it's up to you to stop that infestation to your thought process.

People lose their minds because the girl at StarBucks didn't make their Mocha Frappuchino hot enough! We all take things for granted, and now I know people right now are reading this and saying, "No I don't, I appreciate everything I have." But I call bullshit! Do you really appreciate the fact that we have clean drinking water with a simple turn of a faucet handle? Do you really appreciate the fact that we have big, comfortable beds that we sleep in every night? Do you really appreciate the fact that when you walk into a room, you can flick a switch and electricity lights up that room? Do you really appreciate the fact that you can sit on a porcelain bowl, go to the bathroom, and then push a lever and never have to worry about that issue again? The simplest things in life we take for granted. We never even think of them because we're so blessed and spoiled that we don't really appreciate anything.

During my weekly food shopping yesterday I was walking up and down the aisles getting the things I needed (and wanted), and I looked up and saw that there were thirty different Iced Tea options....30! Now wonder why we all take everything for granted, we have so many choices and options that we don't appreciate any of them. Just the ability to get up every morning and have another healthy day should be reason enough to be thankful. If you're not dying of bone cancer, you should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the little bit of time we have here on earth. If you and your family are healthy, take full advantage of that and go have fun with them. If you have a fully functioning body that moves pretty well, use it, and use it often, because one day we wont have that ability anymore...

Treat Negativity like a Poison!

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