"What The Hell Is PR Day" (Blog #130)

The idea of having clients from No Bull Training test their strength and their strength endurance was a scary thought for me a few years ago. Being an athlete in my younger days and constantly testing my lifts (with bad form), always left me injured and I never wanted this for any of my clients. After a little bit of persuading from a mentor, I decided to start having "PR Days" at No Bull. PR simply means Personal Record. So if you Bench Pressed ninety-five pounds for the first time ever, you PR'ed that lift.

My way of PR Day is a much safer version than what you may regularly see. We modify whatever needs to be modified for each individual client. The best part about that is that it can decrease the risk of injury, greatly. Our set up yesterday was simple and amazing, and we ensured that everyone got to give it their all, safely.

Our set up looked like this:

1 Minute Max Reps:

Push Ups (Pad, 2" or 4" step up box to ensure depth)

Med Ball Slams (20lb or 40lb Ball)

TRX Rows (Legs straight or Knees Bent)

Sit Ups

Tire Flips

Kettle Bell Goblet Box Squats (12 Inch or 14 Inch Box)

1 RM (Rep Max) Strength Test

Trap Bar (Hex Bar) Dead Lifts

Barbell Bench Press

Lastly, we tested everyones 500 Meter Row

Everyone had the option to do all of these tests or just some of them. As you can see above, modifications were made to all those who needed them. A trainers #1 rule is to Do No Harm! We can't fully get rid of injuries, but we can definitely decrease the risks greatly with a little common sense. That's actually why I wont allow (most) clients to test their 1 RM Barbell Back Squat...Have you ever watched "average joes/janes" heavy Back Squat? It's Ugly and it's Dangerous...But that's just my opinion!

Yesterdays PR Day was full of lots of chalk, sweat, smiles, people cheering each other on, and some tears. To see people who months earlier never knew each other high five and hug each other after a successful PR was absolutely amazing to watch. It was hard not to be a little emotional watching people make lifts that were way out of reach just months prior. PR Day is all about you vs you! It's nice to just see where you're at physically and mentally sometimes. You will quickly learn what you need to work on and what you need to get better at.

Not only is our gym a judgment free zone, but we're family. We don't care if you're fat, skinny, strong or weak, we are all there to get better, together!

We will continue to grow our PR Days and have them every 12 Weeks at No Bull Training. I will continue to make them more efficient, fun and effective. I hope to see you all at the next one...(Saturday / February 25th)

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