"Are You Rocky Or Are You Pauley" (Blog #135)

After watching the Rocky series a dozen or so times, I realized a couple of differences between Rocky and Pauley. The obvious difference is that Rocky was a fighter and Pauley wasn’t. However, they came up from the same streets and ran the same race. What made Rocky the world boxing champion and Pauley a low-down dirty drunken bum? I’ll tell you what: Rocky wasn't afraid to give it his all! Rocky was a realist, he knew he was a “finger breaker”, and he also knew what he had to do to leave that lifestyle and become a champion. Pauley blamed everything and everyone around him for his shitty outcome in life, and instead of taking accountability and making the appropriate changes, he just road Rocky’s coattails.

A drastic change takes drastic change. Kind of sounds weird doesn’t it? But you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to create the change you’re looking for. Most people "kinda" want change, but don’t want to put the kind of work in that it takes to create it; others just place blame on everyone else for their lack of motivation. Rocky woke up at 430 in the morning to run everyday, he hit the gym hard and did it relentlessly. Pauley on the other hand, got drunk at his meat packing plant job and did very little to improve his situation.

Decide now if your going to go all out and do whatever you have to do to reach your goal/goals, or are you going to just skim through life never really going for what you want because your afraid to fail. The only failure that will come is if you don’t try. Accept where you are and what it’s going to takes to get you where you want to go. And don’t go nice and easy, moderation is for sissies – Don’t dilly dally around and talk about your amazing plan, just start kicking its ass!

Start Now!

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