"Fat-Loss Starts In Your Mind" (Blog #141)

Ok, you've finally made the decision to lose some weight, but you're not sure where to start. This is a common problem with most people when it comes to losing body fat. One thing is for certain, you have to make the decision in your brain that you're really ready this time to make the appropriate changes necessary to lose that excess weight.

Losing body fat cant be a weekend warrior pursuit. You cant eat a decent meal one time a day and then snack on junk food the rest of the day, or you will just spin your tires and wind up frustrated and lost. When you fully commit to losing fat, it must be an all or nothing decision. That means that your training must become a priority, that means that your breakfast must become a priority, that means that you stop eating out at shitty restaurants, that means that your sleep must become a priority, and that means that you must be willing to be a little uncomfortable at times.

I think the killer for most people in their pursuit of fat loss is the inability to be uncomfortable. We fear being hungry at an instinctual level, but none of us actually know what real hunger feels like. If you weight two-hundred pounds, your body does its best to stay at two-hundred pounds. This is called a "set-point theory". Losing weight is looked at as you're dying from the bodies perspective, so it will send signals to your brain telling you that you must eat. You must fight these signals to a certain extent.

If you have high body fat percentage and you're "dieting" but it's just not working, try something else. If your method to lose fat doesn't include you making better food choices and eating less food over-all, you will maintain the same weight (or gain). Most people really just don't realize how much they eat (or drink) everyday. After a decade of training clients, I've heard it all...Literally!

I've had people with 50% body fat look me dead in the eye and tell me that they eat clean and they just cant understand why they're fat. These people have not yet taken the appropriate steps that are necessary to elicit change, and the only thing stopping them is themselves.

On the other hand, we've had well over Two-Hundred extreme "Before & After" clients who have lost large amounts of weight and body fat (and those who are lean that got stronger and leaner) by making the proper decisions to lose that weight.

Every "Before & After" we've ever had ALL had a few things in common:

They all were honest with themselves about their nutrition / They all "came out" to themselves and to their coaches about their poor eating habits.

They all accepted their current situation and made a plan to attack the fat.

They all wrote down specific goals (I want to lose 3% body fat this month).

They all Increased their volume and intensity during their training (an extra class or personal).

They all ate LESS. They didn't starve themselves, but they ate better foods and less junk.

They all ate better foods with higher nutrient densities.

They all ate less "empty calories" (doughnuts)

They all (most) kept food journals.

They all found activities that they liked to do on top of the gym (hiking, biking, swimming, etc).

They all told me that they watched less of the dumb box, AKA the TV.

They all did monthly assessments to see what was working and what wasn't working.

They all allowed themselves to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

They all were consistent. Going hard for a month and then dropping out is quitting, and no quitter has ever become a success.

They all had a team surrounding them / The support system at our gym is amazing...IF you open up to it and allow the team in.

And finally, they all KNEW what they were going to do and set out and did it.

Confidence is a big one - Confidence can make or break you! Be confident and go after what you want / Your coaches and teammates are here for you 100% of the way!

Your fat-loss journey starts in your mind / You CAN do it....

Lets Go!

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