"The Real Way To Melt Body Fat" (Blog #145)

For as long as I've been in the training game, people have been coming up with a ton of different fat burning methods. Most want to sell you a shake, sell you a magic pill, or have you eat some obscure root from the ground. Sometimes these "work" and sometimes they don't, but what really happened is after you bought that pill, you started hitting the gym more frequently and stopped eating like a five year old. You started paying attention to what you put in your face and added a little more intensity and frequency to your training.

The ultimate way to melt your stubborn body fat is to obviously eat cleaner. We all know that, and that's always the toughest part for most. What must go along with that is intensity in the gym. That means lifting heavier weights, taking shorter breaks and making sure your heart rate is pumping hard. There are a few simple and effective ways to ensue that you see results in the gym:

#1: Do more Leg work: Sleds, Squats, Lunges, Glute Bridges, Step Ups, Swings, Dead Lifts, Etc. Even if you have bad knees or a bad back, a good coach will be able to get you your Leg work in safely.

#2: Go Heavier: Stop pushing the same weights every week / Go heavier and do a few less reps / Shock your system / Lifting weights will make you look fit, lean and athletic.

#3: Add Tabatas: A Tabata is basically 20 Seconds of Work, 10 Seconds Rest, for 8 Rounds / A good example would be to do 20 Seconds of Push Ups, Rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds. Alternating between two exercises during a Tabata is also a great way to melt fat. Try 20 seconds of Jump Squats, 10 second Rest, 20 Seconds of Lunging, 10 seconds Rest, repeat for 8 rounds. Your heart rate will be through the roof and you will feel amazing.

#4: Put your cell phones away: How intensely can you be training if you're texting Betty-Sue about the new guys biceps?! The only reason to have your phone with you during training is to be timing your Tabatas ^

#5: Get a heart rate monitor: Spike your hear rate (assuming you're healthy)! If you can talk during heavy lifting or a tough finisher, it aint heavy or tough enough. There has to come a time when you just put it all out on the line. Forget the pink dumbbells and just go hard. It's what it take to burn that fat! Not all of your training should be this intense, but if you have high body fat, this is what will shed it off.

#6: Finishers: A great way I finish off my training is to push the sled for 5 minutes without a break / Grab a partner and take turns, its fun! "Finishers" must be tough, safe and effective / Doing 100 burpees for a finisher is asinine and not good for you, make sure you put a little more thought into your finishers.

#7: Add in some Intervals: Go find a Hill, run up it, walk down it, and repeat until you're smoked and feeling like a beast. Its simple, but so many people don't do it / Don't you worry one bit about what people might think of you while you're running up that hill...You may actually inspire them! "What people think of you is none of your business."

#8: Stop going through the Motions: There are a ton of gym fakers just scooting their way through their training. Don't be that guy/gal! Take your warm up, training, finisher, cool down, nutrition, sleep and recovery days seriously. Have fun, but it's business when it comes to your health. You don't get second chances, when you're a year older, you're a year older!

#9: Force your mate to jump on board: If you're hitting the gym and you come home to your mate being a glutton in front of the TV with a large pizza and a coke, you're fighting an uphill battle. Your mate should be with you and/or at least prepping you something healthy to eat when you get home. You are a team and we're only as strong as our weakest links.

#10: Eat whatever you want / Just control your portions: Fat people eat too much / It's that simple / When I weighed 330 Pounds, I ate too much! Stop thinking certain foods are bad, they're not. Yes, some foods are more calorically dense and less nutritionally dense than others, but a little bit of anything wont hurt you. There's a guy that eats two Big Macs from McDonalds EVERYDAY of his life (seriously, look it up) / He's not fat and he feels great! But Big Macs are terrible and make you fat, right?! Well, if he's only eating Two Big Macs everyday and not much else, he's at/or under his caloric requirements to maintain his body weight. I'm not telling you guys to go do this, I'm just saying that portion sizes are far more important than what you're actually eating in many cases. An average American diet if full of french fries, pizza, soda, juices, etc. Most people will never go to just fish, eggs, lean meat, fruits and vegetables after years of eating poorly. So work on your portions sizes first and foremost.

#11: Stop the Self-Hate: "Oh, I cant" / "I will never look like her" / "There's no way I can do that" / "But I'm not good enough" / "Man I suck" / Etc...Stop all this! Be the best version of yourself / It all starts in your mind / Every time you say or even think a bad though about yourself I want you all to run a Mile! Take note every time you do it and at the end of the week, run your Miles...You'll quickly stop that horse shit!

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