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"The Power Of Saying No" (Blog #147)

March 26, 2017



It takes courage to say no to a lot of things in life.  Sometimes we feel like we have to please everyone and “yes” them to death to make sure that they’re happy, while forgetting about ourselves!  Saying no can be a powerful and positive thing as long as it’s for a good reason.  Multi-tasking is a must in today's day and age, but getting side-tracked every five minutes is something that will keep you unproductive.  If you aren't firing on all cylinders everyday (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.), you wont be any good to those around you anyway.  


If you planned on taking the kiddies to the park, take the kiddies to the park.  If you made a gym date with your gym buddy, don’t get sidetracked and skip it.  Have the courage to say no to those asking you for your time and do what you set out to do.  There are obvious exceptions, but nothing is more precious than your time. 


Make sure whatever you have planned for the day gets done and done well.  Plans and priorities can obviously change day to day, but if outsiders come in and try to knock you off of your schedule (especially if it’s not important) don’t be afraid to say no to them.  A healthy, vibrant, motivated you is what will make all parties involved better off.  


Make sure that saying yes to someone isn't saying no to yourself...


- No, I wont miss the gym to help you pick out shoes!  But I can definitely go with you tomorrow...


- No, I wont go to the club and get drunk with you tonight, I have a big day tomorrow!  But maybe next time...


- No, I wont go out to eat fast food with you!  Thanks anyway, but that doesn’t fit into what I’m eating these days.  But how about we have a cheat meal next week?!

- No, I won't skip my trail run today, I'm training for an upcoming race.  But I can help you another day...





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