"Flick The Switch" (Blog #154)

The percentage of people who hit the gym and attain the look and feel that they desire is significantly smaller than you may think. We think that just because we show up to the gym for a couple of hours a week that this will automatically grant us our desired physique, but this just isn't the case. Showing up to the gym and going through the motions isn't enough to achieve the look and the feel that you want. This doesn't mean that you have to go berserk every single workout and wind up throwing up every time you step into the gym - that would be a sure fire way to end up injured and out of commission. But there does need to be a switch that you can turn on right before you train to ensure the right amount of focus, intensity and safety. I call this switch "getting in the zone".

In order to get into the "zone" and consistently remain there, the need to remember that if you're not having fun when you're training, chances are you wont stick with it for long. For this reason, I try to ensure that all of my clients' workouts are as enjoyable (for the most part) as possible. Of course there are times when you need to bite the bullet and grind it out. This is where the "switch" comes into play. You may see or feel this switch come on when performing a 1 RM (Rep Max) lift (like dead lifting as much weight as you can for one rep), or when a fighter is entering the ring about to go to war. But the switch for us "average joes" is a little different. Our switch should come on before every class, every session and every training session. Taking your training more seriously can lead to amazing results - results that just aren't possible if you're not maximizing your potential with better focus.

With our busy schedules, it's often difficult to eat properly and get to the gym 4+ days a week, but with a little motivation you can make it happen. Motivation is key. Why waste all that effort and half ass it at your workouts?! Figure out how to turn your switch on every single time you step foot into the gym. It may be music. It may be a quick pep talk. It may be with a foam roller. Hell, maybe it's as simple as firing up your central nervous system by smacking yourself like I've been doing for years....

Yes, my neighbors likely think I'm an idiot, but this is my ritual before all of my workouts. It fires me up and gives me that added focus I need to get in the zone. Once you learn to turn this switch on and off at will, your life will take a drastic turn for the better. When you set specific goals and have the focus and discipline to attain them because of the consistent motivation your switch gives you, you instantly become a much more efficient human.

Take an honest assessment of yourself:

What's your switch?

What do you need to do to attain your goals?

What more can you do to make you move, look and feel better?

What can you do in the gym to ensure that you are maximizing every workout?

Figure out what gives you that added focus, intensity and motivation. Use that and go dominate!

Flick The Switch!

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