"Train The Fear Away" (Blog #157)

The biggest thing that holds people back from going and getting what they want is fear. The fear of failing, the fear of screwing up, the fear of getting hurt, the fear of looking stupid, the fear that people may laugh at you, and the fear of you actually succeeding. Even success can be a scary thing for many of us. The route of success may mean that you have to leave some people behind, and that scares us too, but it's a necessary evil in some cases.

I am a trainer, a coach, a gym owner, and I've even been called a big ugly guy that talks too much. Whatever you want to say I am or do, what I really do is help people do things that scare them. I get people to move in ways that they didn't think they could move, I get people to lift things that they didn't think they could lift, I get people to think differently to allow them to dominate all on coming obstacles, and I strive to give people the confidence to be whatever they want to be.

Fear is my number one enemy, personally, and when it comes to getting people to do the things they want to do. It's extremely easy to make up an excuse of why you never did this or that, but a lot of times it's the fear in your heart that stops you from taking the steps that you need to take to conquer your fears. And this is the exact reason why coaches are always tough (in a good way) on their clients. We have to battle ridiculous amounts of anxiety and fear that our clients bring to the table. Any coach worth his weight in gold is always ready for that challenge.

You have to train the fear out of yourself. This is accomplished with proper micro-progressions in and outside of the gym. You can actually train the fear out of your body! Believe me, I've done it personally and with hundreds of dedicated humans. I'd say 90% of my "rookies" that first come in are deathly afraid to climb our ropes, we now have well over seventy-five clients that once were scared, now climbing the ropes to the top on a weekly basis. They trained the fear out of their system!

If you're afraid of an upcoming 5k run that you really want to do, go fucking run until it doesn't scare you anymore! If that Spartan Race that all of your friends are doing is coming up in a few months but you're deathly afraid, go lift weights, row, run, sprint, eat and sleep so hard-core that the actual race doesn't scare you, it now excites you! (Although, I still get nervous before EVERY race / but more excited)

Stop making excuses and eat like your peers are watching you

Turn your phones off and Sleep like you're supposed to

Stop drinking sugar filled drinks and just suck down your water

Hide your 2 pound Dumbbells and get yourself stronger

Stop avoiding things you "hate". If you hate chin ups, guess what you should go do tomorrow? Yep, Chin Ups! If you "hate" to run it probably means you suck at it, you don't hate it. Go Run!

Stop letting fear dictate what path you choose...Just go for it!

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