"Are You Ungrateful" (Blog #161)

Over the years, I have mastered the technique of stopping people dead in their tracks when they complain too much. I will throw a few reality bombs at them, which quickly make them realize that they should just be quiet or stop being so damn ungrateful. I get it. Sometimes it feels good just to bitch and moan, but being that way 24/7 makes you miserable to be around and it takes away your ability to truly succeed as a person. An example of my latest reality bomb was when a person went on a five minute tangent about how much they hate their job. I quickly told them that they are lucky to have a job and that a million humans would kill to be in their position. That little metaphorical slap to the face usually makes people realize that they sound like a child and that they should be a little more grateful for the life that they've been blessed with.

Many of the biggest complainers have more going for them than most of the entire population of the world; yet they are unhappy, ungrateful and unrelenting when it comes to whining. The new age human is always unsatisfied. There are so many things to be grateful for, but instead they complain about their headache. The funny thing is that that headache was probably caused by your self inflicted stress over menial things.

The water you waste while taking a hot shower everyday would be enough to save hundreds of lives a day, and yet we will complain about traffic...TRAFFIC! While you sleep in that comfortable bed or stare at that mini-computer. While that solid roof is keeping you safe, you have the audacity to complain about waking up early in the morning. We are limited in the amount of days that we get on this beautiful earth and yet many of us literally find things to complain about. The simple fact that we get to wake up at all is a gift and we should treat it as such.

Listening to someone cry about how much they hate running, exercising or even sweating makes my blood boil. Only in this day and age can you be so physically and mentally weak and still be alive. If most people today were born a century ago, nature would have eliminated them quickly. Knowing that there are people out there confined to wheelchairs, or battling brain cancer, or fighting cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis (MS) and to sit back and actually complain about HAVING to move. I say it over and over again: Movement is a privilege. Aging is a privilege. Not everyone experiences these things as freely as we do, so it's important to look at the big picture.

We should all take a little time everyday to be thankful and try to always be on the lookout for someone who needs help. Every time you flush your toilet and don't have to take the "mess" outside and bury it, be thankful. Every time you twist that metal knob and fresh drinking water comes out, be thankful. Every time your feet hit the floor of your bedroom, be thankful. Every time you walk down into your kitchen and open up that big box that keeps hundreds of dollars of food fresh for you, be thankful. Every time you reach out and flick that white switch and your electricity turns on, be thankful. Every time you hop into that machine that sits in your driveway and saves your a three hour walk to work, be thankful. I could literally go on all day, but you get the point.

Be thankful! Your life is a gift and you should treat it as such. So before you start looking for validation or attention on social media, put your phone down, take a deep breath, go outside at night and stare up a the stars more often and let your brain run free. It's quite relaxing, and if done correctly, it's a great way to release all that tension and stress. It also helps you focus on what is really important vs. the things you can really just let go of.

If you know anyone that is a chronic complainer, get away from them immediately! These types of people will do nothing but bring you down and make you as miserable as they are. And if you are that person, change immediately or nothing but misery is in your future...focusing on all the positives in life will most certainly help you through the really tough moments. And, truthfully, people flock to those who WANT to have fun, those who find enjoyment in every situation, and the people who make even tough situations bearable.

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