“Stop Procrastinating” (Blog #163)

On a daily basis I hear people complaining about things they cant do or things they don't do (but really want to). My blunt, but honest answer is to tell them to just go and do it. It really is that simple! Thankfully, when a lot of my clients tell me they have a weight goal or a strength goal, we make a plan of attack and they reach their goals. They reach their goals because they figured out what they want, make a plan, stick to the plan, and do whatever is necessary to make that plan a success.

There are:

24 Hours In a Day

168 Hours in a Week

672 Hours in a Month

8,064 Hours in a Year

(I think my math is correct)

Average Americans live about 75 years

That gives us about 604,800 Hours in our lifetime to do what we have (want) to do. If there’s something you’re not happy with, DO SOEMTHING about it! The clock is always ticking and for most of us, the game of life is already half over. If that doesn't make you want to jump off of your couch and get going, nothing will.

If it’s your weight, your finances, your strength, your relationship with your family, the way to treat your better half, or even the way you see yourself, do something to change it. No one is coming to fix your issues, that job is solely on our shoulders and nobody else’s. Take full responsibility for your current state and then you can work to fix whatever needs to be fixed. A lot of times with just a few small tweaks massive positive change can take place.

Identify your weaknesses (what we’re bad at), make a plan, but most importantly, TAKE ACTION!

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