"Thank You" (Blog #166)

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the amazing clients who are committed, loyal, have positive attitudes, and show up week in and week out. You guys give coaches like myself the ability to have careers we truly love.

It has taken me a lot of years to learn how to stop dwelling on the 1% of clients that you cant help. Most people don't know this, but serious trainers and coaches go to sleep every night trying to figure out ways to help EVERYONE that steps foot into our gyms. If a client doesn't show up, or if they quit, or they just aren't happy, we as coaches take this personally and lose sleep over it trying to figure out ways to motivate them.

Assuming you as a coach are very good at what you do and you email, text and call clients often, write them proper programs every week, send them nutritional advice, send in-home workouts that they can do on days away from you, and send motivational videos on a weekly basis, you expect to have a 100% success rate...But this is never the case, even for the best in the industry.

But first you have to ask yourself: Do you treat your clients like they deserve to be treated? Do you get all the women roses every Valentines day? Do you have all of clients over to your house for a summer party every year? Do you do bowling nights out with your team? Do you get the all the gentleman beers on Fathers day? Do you put together Appalachian Trail hikes? Do you organize 5 and 10k's for your team? Do you do everything in your power to motivate them and keep them moving and active?

You are bound to lose clients for a multitude of reasons, some just are too busy to get to the gym (work, kids), some peoples schedules won't click with yours, some may just not be into the whole "fitness thing", and some people may just simply not like you. Whatever the reason, coaches get fixated on the clients we cant seem to motivate and sometimes lose sight of the amazing humans that show up to us every week and are ready to rock. The ones that trust us and take our advice are the ones we as coaches need to really worry about. After all, they are the ones allowing us to do a job that we love.

Make sure that you're doing everything that you need to do for each and every client, and if they still aren't "on board", they just aren't ready and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Be polite and sit them down and part ways amicably, maybe in a few months they will be ready and let them know that the door is always open.

After all, we opened gyms because we want to help people! We didn't open a gym so we could work 7 days, make "ok" money, work nights, miss our kids wrestling practices and sacrifice our own sanity for any other reason than to help others. Being a business owner in general is a daily grind, even when you're not at work, you're working. But it's all worth it when you watch a clients face light up after you watch them lose 3% body-fat, or watch them climb the rope for the first time, or watch them do their 1st Mud Run. That makes it all worth it...

Coaches know how good it feels to be strong and to have the ability to be self-sufficient, confident and how weight training increases the quality of a humans life. We want to spread this to other humans, and if you're sincere and genuine with your coaching people will see that. A fraud is quick to spot and will be out of the game quickly.

Coaches, focus more on the people who trust you and show up, make the impact on their lives because they are the ones who are taking full advantage of your knowledge, coaching and passion. For all the others, hopefully they will come around eventually and see the gift you offer, but it has to be on their time so stop stressing over it.