“Do You Handcuff Your Trainer...And Sabotage Your Results?” (Blog #169)

Over the past ten years, I've trained thousands of people. 99.9% of these people are amazing, so amazing in fact, that many of them actually become friends. So amazing in fact, that you have them over to your house for parties. So amazing in fact, that you go hiking with them outside of gym hours. So amazing in fact, that you meet their significant others and go have drinks together on the weekends. So amazing in fact, that they remind you of why you opened up a gym in the first place, to help people out.

Unfortunately, there is a SMALL percentage (.00001%) of clients that don't get it. This small percentage of people that come to your gym are "energy drainers". They don't appreciate your time, your knowledge or your hustle. They come in sporadically with shitty attitudes and suck the life out of your body. Not only are they bad for you, but they're bad for your gym and your clients. These people are miserable and nothing you do will ever make them happy. These are the clients you must fire! I know that sounds harsh, but their $150 dollars a month isn't worth the headache. And trust me, I'm in no financial position to fire clients, but they will actually hurt your business more if you let them stay.

As an Instructor of trainers as well, I am constantly talking to other coaches and business owners who are looking for advice about what to do with clients that are hard to deal with. The old saying is true, "One bad apple can spoil a bunch". You must sit down and get this client on the same page as you and your system, or you have to let them go! No one individual is bigger than the Team. The Team must always come first!

I make sure I bring "FIRE" to every session and to every class. My energy is always on 10, it's what I do! For a client to come in and start bitching and whining to you and other members is exactly what ruins good energy at your gym. As the owner, you cant allow this for the sake of your members, your business, and your sanity.

Here's a Top 10 List of things clients must stop doing:

#1: Stop telling the coach “Omg, I hate Mondays!” I don't even know what that means...You hate a Day?! I have clients that are battling real problems like cancer. I have clients who have kids that are fighting off horrible diseases. I have clients that have been crippled in car accidents. I have clients that have gotten shitty situations thrown at them by no fault of their own, and they come in smiling and positive! They don't hate Mondays...You should be kissing the ground on Monday mornings!

#2: Stop telling the coach that you hate certain movements, just do it. It’s what you’re paying us for! Our only goals as coaches are to train you safely and to get you results!

#3: Stop yawning through the session and telling the coach how tired you are because you chose to go to bed too late!

#4: Stop blaming the coach because your body-weight wont drop when you know dam well that you’re eating like an unattended 6 year old!

#5: Stop coming in late! Strolling in 15 minutes late, skipping your warm up, and coming up to the coach in the middle of him/her coaching other members and asking what you should do is disrespectful to the coach, the team, and yourself!

#6: Put your Phone away! (There are exceptions) But the gym is your time away from the World, take advantage of it!

#7: Stop missing 3 weeks of sessions and then complain that you're not getting results! Show Up!

#8: Stop clapping chalk all over the gym...You're not Lebron James! Your gym is your second home, clean up after yourselves!

#9: Stop just going through the motions. Weight training (when done properly) melts fat off of your body, builds bone, strengthens ligaments and tendons. But with half ass efforts come half ass results. If the set up calls for 4 sets of 8 reps, do 4 sets of 8 reps!

#10: Stop with your negative self talk...When a client tells me "Oh, I cant do that!" I tell them, "Bullshit, lets do it!" You gotta love yourself! This is why you're training! We are trying to build up your confidence, movement efficiency and strength through resistance training.

It’s hard enough to get people on board with a program and to get them stronger, leaner, faster and feeling great without senseless negativity screwing up the sessions!

Commit and show discipline...Without discipline, you have nothing!

Trust the program...Show up every week...Leave your negativity at the door...Try your hardest at every session to get better...Be honest with yourself when it comes to your nutritional habits...Always keep it playful!

For the 99.9999% of clients that show up day in and day out with good attitudes and dominate...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Clients like you are the reason we coaches love our jobs!

Every day on this earth is special and is a gift! Stop treating the days like they’re never going to run out!