"Losing Body-Fat Is YOUR Responsibility" (Blog #171)

As I sit in a quiet library writing this blog, I can't help but think about the real reasons many of us hold on to excess body fat. Now I could go on a long-winded rant about how Americans eat too much, have too much stress in their lives, and don't get the recommended amount of physical activity everyday...But YOU ALL ALREADY KNOW THAT!

So what's the real reason many of us struggle with fat loss?!

Is it lack of discipline? Is it that you make poor nutritional choices? Is it that you're overly stressed? Is it that you don't get outside enough for fresh air, sun and quiet? Do you blame others for your weight issues? Is it because you eat too many calories everyday? Is it because you watch too much TV? Is it because you don't train hard at the gym?

The simple answer to all of these questions is YES!

But that still doesn't give us the real reasons why...That answer may be a little deeper!

For about 200,000 years, humans have had to fight, hunt and kill for food. This may have meant that we would go days or even weeks without food. Current day living gives us access to food every second of the day, literally! Think about the amount of restaurants, fast food joints, and vending machines that you could get to in a minute or two if you had to. And think about the lifestyle our ancestors lived and the amount of energy an average day would allow them to burn through. Even if you're hitting the gym most days of the week, most of us are still "sedentary".

So that's it? We hold excess fat because we eat too much and move too little? Yes...Sort of!

That's only part of it. Hormones play a huge role in this game as well. When we eat boxed, processed foods, we get a quick sugar and insulin spike, after witch that quick spike becomes a quick drop. And guess what happens then? We feel hungry again, so we eat and in turn, we slowly overindulge slightly and overtime this adds pounds on our frames.

Most people just wont accept and take responsibility that they simply eat too much everyday. They think that because they're not gorging on 2 liters of soda and eating an entire pizza that that cant be getting too many calories, but you can be. It's much more subtle than that. It can be a little extra here, a little extra there, and all of a sudden you're 250 calories over what your body needed for the day. 250 calories extra per day can turn into a 25 pound weight gain over a year...Let that sink in!

So how do we combat this? We track, log, write, type, follow, text, and make a game plan. Keeping a food journal will make you lose fat almost instantly (assuming you're being honest). Writing down what you eat, what time you eat, and how much you eat everyday will instantly help you lose fat. Here's where taking responsibility for yourself comes into play. You will make better food choices, eat a little less, and hold yourself accountable.

Blending this with a more consistent gym schedule will only add to your success. And make sure when you're at the gym, you're all business (mostly), lift to get strong. Put down those baby weights and stop lifting like you're made of glass, you're not! Packing on lean muscle mass will only make your body better at burning calories at rest. Now add in better sleep, and more water everyday, and you have a recipe to WIN!

Take Responsibility for yourself...No one is coming to save you!

Save yourself!