"3 Killers" (Blog #8)

Everyone knows that smoking, drinking and carrying around excess body fat is bad, well at least I thought everyone knew that until a recent conversation I had with a large group of people the other day. Todays blog will breakdown these 3 killers and give you more insight to why we need to avoid them.

* Smoking cigarettes causes dozens of types of cancers! The research out on smoking has all roads leading to nasty types of cancers, Emphysema, strokes, coronary heart disease and premature death. Not to mention, smoking is expensive! I polled a few dozen people and asked how many cigarettes they smoke a day and the average was 30 cigarettes per day. That's a pack and a half a day - The average pack of smokes these days are $5.00! If we do the math: 1 and a half packs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year = Cigarettes are costing "you" approximately $2,800 a year...Thats some serious EXTRA cash you could be putting in your pocket instead of using it to blacken your lungs. Quit Today!

* Alcohol is actually a poison to your mind & body if done in excess! I'm not talking about a glass of wine once in a while, Im talking about the excessive drinking lots of young people do on a weekly basis. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, increases depression levels (alcohol is a depressant), causes cirrhosis of the liver, causes memory loss, increases your risk for certain cancers, causes dehydration, has negative effects on your central nervous system among many other issues. Drinking also leads to the increase risk of DUI's and motor vehicle injuries to you or unfortunately, innocent victims. Similar to cigarettes, drinking costs money! Also, many people are "drinking smokers", meaning they only smoke when they drink which is a double whammy to the body. And to add another killer to the equation, when people spend time in a bar drinking and smoking chances are you're also sitting around for a couple of hours. The body is now being bombarded with poison, nicotine and the lack of movement all at once. Alcohol also allows people to become more social, they feel like they can say things and do things they wouldn't do sober. I worked in a club for 7 years I have a ton of experience with people doing and saying things that they would never say without the alcohol in their system. But remember, alcohol is a depressant so in the long run too much makes you less social and less confident.

* High Body Fat levels make life more work than it has to be. Even a task of simply walking becomes a serious chore to people that hold extra fat. The body needs a certain amount of calories a day to function, the brain needs constant sugar or you will die. Anymore calories that you ingest and don't burn for energy get stored as glycogen in the liver and in your muscles. After your glycogen stores are full any excess fuel gets stored as fat. If you keep eating too much the body simply stores more fat. You are born with a certain amount of fat cells, if you over eat those fat cells swell and when they're full they begin to multiply so your body can handle all the extra "fuel" that you're bringing in and not burning off. Now the issue is even if you lose weight those fat cells that multiplied don't go away, they just shrink so you will always be predisposed to re-gaining that weight back. Body fat is actually good for us in moderation, its good for insulation, protects organs, transports nutrients and can keep you alive in times of starvation. The problem is many people just simply eat too much and move too little. Extra fat surrounds your organs too which forces them to work harder than they need to, its no wonder why bigger people don't want to/can't move as much as leaner people, its just harder for them. Excess body fat causes diabetes, heart disease, stokes, certain cancers and many other health issues. Being obese also causes you to be unhealthier which in the long run costs you more money with higher insurance premiums and doctor visits...

If we look at these "3 Killers" broadly they are all connected to each other. Many people who drink excessively smoke cigarettes and when alcohol is present in your body your inhibitions are lowered and thats a great recipe to go eat high fat/high carb foods right before bed. Obviously I'm not saying we all do this, Im speaking generally! Imagine if you give up drinking, smoking and start eating right!? You'll save thousands of dollars a year and you will look and feel amazing...

Having said all this above, a little Vodka makes me a machine on the dance floor :)

Reminder: All my blogs are MY opinions!

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